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Our Company

We aim to deliver in to corners of the globe.

From the farms to your cups with care

About Us

Murabaha coffee export company was established to deliver the authentic flavors of Arabica coffee which Ethiopia has introduced to the world centuries ago.

'Bunna' the orignal name for coffee

Our Work Force

Our 85% women empowered work force are dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about coffee. Trained well by experienced leaders who have been working in the field for long. Dedication, enthusiasm, passion and experience these are our key elements in maintaining our high standards to satisfy our customers.

Supply the whole range of Ethiopian coffee by keeping the exotic characteristics they possess 


Integration with farmers and suppliers we want to develop a mutual benefit in terms of quality and supply and to insure the traceability of exotic unique Ethiopian coffee to the world by sharing knowledge and experience to keep the identity of our coffee

 Supply the whole range of Ethiopian coffee by keeping the exotic characteristics they possess.

Preserve our customers satisfaction to the optimum level.


To deliver the best clean cup coffee to the world by sustaining the uniqueness of Ethiopian coffee.
By applying our passion and expertise, we are determined to provide our customers with great coffee by dealing fairly with our farmers,

To develop a great connection with our customers, which will help us in exploring more unique Ethiopian coffee, by facilitating the business transactions in the utmost satisfaction to our customers. 

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